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  应欧盟委员会的要求,欧盟食品安全局食品链中污染物专家组(CONTAM)评估了在食品和饲料中蛇形菌素对人类和动物存在的健康风险。 根据超过15,000例的数据,最高的急性膳食暴露量和慢性膳食暴露量估计分别为每天0.8μg DAS/kg体重和0.49μgDAS/ kg体重。家禽,猪和狗的有限信息表明,在目前的饲养方法中,除了肉鸡以外,其他动物在估计的DAS暴露水平下的健康风险较低。


  The main adverse effects after acute and repeated exposure were emesis, with a no‐observed‐adverse‐effect level (NOAEL) of 32 μg DAS/kg body weight (bw), and haematotoxicity, with a NOAEL of 65 μg DAS/kg bw, respectively. An acute reference dose (ARfD) of 3.2 μg DAS/kg bw and a tolerable daily intake (TDI) of 0.65 μg DAS/kg bw were established. based on over 15,000 occurrence data, the highest acute and chronic dietary exposures were estimated to be 0.8 and 0.49 μg DAS/kg bw per day, respectively, and were not of health concern for humans. The limited information for poultry, pigs and dogs indicated a low risk for these animals at the estimated DAS exposure levels under current feeding practices, with the possible exception of fattening chicken. Assuming similar or lower sensitivity than for poultry, the risk was considered overall low for other farm and companion animal species for which no toxicity data were available. In consideration of the similarities of several trichothecenes and the likelihood of co‐exposure via food and feed, it could be appropriate to perform a cumulative risk assessment for this group of substances.   
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